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Now Playing: Freedy Johnston, “The Lucky One”

Ignore the fact that in this video he looks like a scary cross between Giovanni Ribisi and a serial-killer version of Jerry Seinfeld. Also, what’s up with the blindfold? Get past all that, and this is a beautiful song. Throughout … Continue reading

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Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

Fair is fair. If professional athletes are going to give credit to God when their team wins, it’s only right that they point the finger at Him when they lose. Enter Buffalo Bills receiver Steven Johnson, who missed the game-winning … Continue reading

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Mission: Improbable

So I’ve seen the trailer for the new computer-animated atrocity that is Yogi Bear, coming to a theater near you this holiday season. Apparently, after the success of Bill Murray selling his soul to give life to the perennially unfunny … Continue reading

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