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The Curious Case of Frost/Nixon

Yesterday, I discussed how the Oscars are perceived by many as the official record of the best pictures, performances and achievements in the year in cinema—all of which was a lengthy preamble to what I’m here to say today. Since … Continue reading

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The Academy Is … not that important

I don’t really invest much thought or emotion into the Academy Awards, beyond what my job requires. I liked the Oscars much better as a small child, when I labored under the impression that they were voted on in real … Continue reading

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Casting Couch: 10 Big-Screen Doctor Whos

Warning! Things are about to get very geeky. If you’re not into science fiction shows about time-traveling eccentrics, you might want to mosey along to another post. I don’t consider myself a typical Doctor Who fan, at least not as … Continue reading

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The customer isn’t always right

You’ve probably heard about Steven Slater, the flight attendant who allegedly cursed out a passenger over the loudspeaker, grabbed some beer and exited the plane via the emergency slide. Apparently, he was fed up after taking some abuse from a … Continue reading

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Now Playing: Too Much Joy

Welcome to Now Playing, in which I will occasionally share what’s going through my head or stubbornly dominating my iPod. I wanted to call it Radio KFM, the lone radio station on the Island of Kevin Moreau, but it turns … Continue reading

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Welcome to my island!

Pull up a chair and make yourself at home. Don’t mind the cardboard boxes and buckets of paint; I’m still getting situated. There’s not much to look at yet, but you can read about me here and get some questions … Continue reading

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